The artist has over the years produced a number of Portraits that are displayed here.
All humans have a unique histogram, what this means that that everybody’s creative work with colour is different even the most perfect reproduction or forgery will never be exactly like the original painting.
By examining histograms of paintings, the experts are able to see whether a painting is a forgery.
However, the reason we mention this is because of the artist’s unique histogram the portraits have an exceptional vibrancy and fluidity of motion.
Investing in a portrait of yourself or a family group portrait will provide you with something of rare value and a unique heirloom, which your family can enjoy for hundreds of years.
Requirements for a portrait 
1.) A high quality image of the subject /s
2.) An idea of the subjects favorite colours (2)
3.) A 50% deposit of the quoted price
The portrait together with a certificate of provenance  
For a quote please contact the studio here
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