Touched by a brush Art studio -
The way of the brush a profound discipline that will turn you from an ordinary artist into an inspired artistic genius.
Using methods know to the artists of the high renascence and the old masters like Titan, Rembrandt and Ruben’s and practiced in their studios.
Touched by a brush has re discovered these methods and techniques and applies them to the way of the brush for the modern artist.
Techniques long used in the studios of the great Da Vinci and Michael Angelo are once again been taught in the touched by a brush master classes and the Way of the Brush Discipline course
Once you have learned these methods you will have achieved a far higher quality of work, self esteem and great satisfaction with your own work which will include the following:-
1.) How to use oil paint like a wizard with a colour wand.
2.) How to take the mess at the bottom of your turps bottle and use the colours that lay in the tin as the basis for great masterpieces.
3.) How to effectively market your artwork to a wider audience
4.) Improve yourself image an self esteem in your art work
5.) Enjoy fame and financial prosperity from your artistic work
6.) How to save money and recycle materials which help the plant and at the same time improve your work beyond anything you could have possibly imagined.
7.) Learn how to make your own canvases with minimal effort.
8.) Create your own oil pain.
9.) Create great installations using paper-Mache
10.) Artistic conception and train yourself to express what you as an artist see in your mind’s eye as the final outcome of your artistic endeavors.
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Touched by a Brush Art Studio
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