The artists Faith

The artist believes in a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
The artist believes that but for the faith in the saving grace and the death of the Savior Jesus Christ, he would not be alive today. The artist was born again at Easter 1973 and has experienced the miraculous healing power of the Lord throughout is life.
The artwork created by the artist is primarily because of his deep relationship with Christ. The artist does not believe in religion “every moment of the artist life is a walk in the Christian faith and the knowledge that Jesus Christ is real.
The artist encourages those who are faced with problems in their lives to make a commitment to Jesus Christ and lay their problems at his feet.

Surrendering the throne of their hearts to the Lord Jesus Christ.
We live under the grace of the saving power of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, there is absolutely no way that you can convince me that the Lord is not real he has guided, provided and looked after me and my family all the days of my life.  The fact that I am able to paint and continue to be inspired is solely because the Lord has made it possible.

Without Christ I am nothing, the Lord has allowed me to express my talents and my abilities in a small way.  As a broken human vessel the Lord has used me as His instrument, the reason I exist is to bring Glory and honour to his name.

Even though at times I stumble and fall the Lord has picked me up forgiven me dusted me off and put me back on the path to His glory.
Everything even my name is to his glory and honour