The amazing artwork of Tim Wood a partially disabled Dyslexic is not probably one of the outstanding lives of the late 20th and early 21st century.

What makes his artwork most remarkable is that but for the sake of his 3 year old grandson discovering sunsets the many oil paintings would never been created.

The art work of Tim Wood is made exceptional because one of the artists many characteristics is an obsession that when he takes up something he emerses3 himself completely in all aspects of the project.

To the extent that his work includes the production of the following:-
1. The canvas from raw materials
2. The oil paint (all paints used are created in the artist's studio using raw materials and following the recipe of the 17th century Dutch old masters.
3. The paintings are created by the artist under the influence of classical music in particular Beethoven, Vivaldi and Boccherini.

4. The artist has created a number of reproductions in s lose style which is reminiscent of the impressionist period and all of his canvases now use the warm brown used by the old masters which add a unique atmosphere to his paintings.

The reason that the accidentally discovery of sunsets by his grandson makes the artist’s work unique is the fact that 27 years earlier the artists future father in law told him that been an artist was not going to convince him that he would allow his only daughter to marry an artist thus Timothy gave up the brush and canvas for 27 years to follow a career in a more mundane but secure field.

Timothy who has endured great pain and suffering throughout his life, yet he finds ways to inspire people to reach for their artist dreams.

A man who sees the world in a very special way, and takes what he sees and turns it into some of the best artwork the world will ever see.
Born with dyslexia and a anti social disposition, he has overcome many obstacles to become a positive and happy person.
Partially disabled since 2019 due to an accidental injury on a woodwork shop he has managed to recover and some of his best works have been created since his recovery.
Timothy takes the pain and suffering and turns it into a force for the greater good for all humanity.
Recently his wife of 28 years was diagnosed with terminal Leukaemia, on the day that the news was received he was unable to put into words the anguish and pain, bit for the first time he painted, all of the emotions, fear and turmoil on one single canvas using only 2 colours.

Timothy who has drunk deeply from the well of knowledge, wisdom and hope and gives humanity a unique perspective of hope for the future.
Timothy is not afraid to learn and change.
A man who when he saw talent in his grandchildren did something. For when you see artistic talent in very young children, it is your duty to nurture and grow that talent bringing it to fruition in due season.
Timothy, whose artistic work presents to us a tranquillity long forgotten in our busy lives, taking the mundane and every day and turning it into something truly inspiring.
Never formally trained, Timothy learned to paint from his maternal great grandmother, grandmother and mother who were accompanied artists in their own right.
Timothy’s work is a unique collection of art that sometimes looks like he is channelling artist s that have long since departed this world, however each art work is unique because like a good actor he studies the roll of the artist in question, his reproductions are not true to the original artists work yet you would be hard put to say that the artwork is not something a long dead artist did not do, Timothy prefers to capture the spirit of the artists work in his work.
He is assisted by 6 year old Joshua and 9 year old Jodie (his grandchildren in the under Painting. Joshua started painting at the age of 3, now days when Timothy returns from a long day of work he is not always able to tell if young Joshua had been working on a painting sand has to bide his time until the young artist points it out to him. So profusely good has the small boy become that it wouldn't be many years before the world will stand in awe of the young Childs artistic endeavours.
Timothy’s artwork hang in some of the institute s of higher education 5 larges paintings hang in prominent places in the Nelson Mandela University Art Faculty.

Further if Picasso, Dali, Van Gogh and Turner were alive today they would definitely have one of Timothy Wood s works in their collection of prized art works

Seldom does anyone artist who is self-taught have the honour of having his work displayed in the art facility of an institution of higher learning.
Even rarer is the artist with no formal training having his work hanging in the office of the Dean of art facility of a South African university.
This unique artist is Timothy Wood of the Touched By A Brush Art Studio.
Timothy is a dyslexic individual who has managed to overcome great adversely and has exceeded beyond all expectations.
Timothy was trained from a young age as a painter; however at the age of 26 he stopped painting because his future father in law did not consider art a viable career for the husband of his only daughter.
In the beginning of 2017 Timothy's grandson Joshua discovered sunsets.
The Bible says the whole of creation sings praise and worship to God.
Singing implies resonance every string or reed instrument resonates.
Entire galaxies resonate as they spin.
Humans sing,
Everything sings to God the trees, rivers oceans, wind and even the land.
When a person preparing canvases for artists they stretch the fabric very tight across the frame this action makes the canvas resonate like a drum.
Of all the great paintings of biblical subject matter whether created 500 years ago or yesterday these paintings resonate Gods glory
Art in its raw in its un-sanitised gallery and art critic form is most probably the closest people will ever get to the inspired passion of the artist.
At our studio / home we live life in a state of high definition passion taking every moment (because every second is precious and should never be wasted) each pencil mark and brush stroke is placed with every ounce of inspired, creative passion.
Because of this our paintings are we unique and the proof of this speaks from each painting.

Our methods are unique in that we make our own oil paint and each canvas from scratch. When you enter the Touched by a Brush Studio it is like entering the studio/ home of a 17th century master craftsman

The artworks displayed on this website are as a result of a 3 year old boy discovering sunset.
The discovery of sunsets by Joshua Wood in January 2017 set in motion a number of life changing events both in the boy’s life and in the life of his family.

In particular in the life of his grandfather Timothy Wood.

the life of Joshua Wood while still a young child has already impacted many others, inspiring, creative passion, reinventing adult lives and changing for every the paten of the life of his family.

Timothy Wood at age 53 was living the life of the sole bread winner for his family working in an office selling local accommodation.
The chance in his life is most remarkable because almost 30 years earlier had given up art because his future father in law did not consider art as a career for the man who was going to marry his only daughter a viable or even worthy occupation.
Ironically the great grandson of the man, who stopped Timothy from following a full time career in art, was responsible for giving back to Timothy the passion to take up the brushes and canvas gain.

Timothy a dyslexic has always had an obsessive nature when faced with a new challenge.
Investing time and resources he began researching every aspect of the art of oil painting.

Today Timothy makes his own oil paint
Canvases and marketing of the huge body of art that now exists as a result of three years of artistic work

Further it is a remarkable achievement that 5 oil painting s created by Timothy where purchased by the office of the Dean of art at the Mandela University.
The only training Timothy has ever received was from his grandmother and mother Pat Wood who was an artist in her own right

Play Art for children 5-10 years old.
Every Saturday morning the Touched by a Brush Art Studio presents
Play Art for Children aged 5-10.
Each child gets to paint their very own masterpiece and take it home to keep.
It allows children with creative artistic talents to develop and learn.

Young and old have great fun with paint and art

The cost is R50 per child per hour
Appointment essential
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Thank everyone concept of play art helps us to find raw talent and gives the parents of talented children the opportunity to determine the path that the child will follow.
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